Astro Turf

Volunteering at KCRW emboldened me to forge out on my own and do my own show in college. Astro Turf was the result. For two years on USC's KSCR (now KXSC) and five at Purdue's WCCR, I broadcast a music show pretty much every week in the style that I learned from the best in the business at KCRW: a two-hour show in 20-30 minute blocks, punctuated by back announcing with playlists and info about the artists, records, and labels. Sometimes we had giveaways to do or promos to run. It was just like the real thing. In most respects, it really was. And I loved every minute of it.

I'm working on putting up the playlists I kept for each show that I did-- that was my job at KCRW and so I took it seriously for my shows as well-- that'll be forthcoming. Maybe I can find some old recordings to post, too.